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The facilities of JSCO BET produce reinforced concrete ties of the following brands: SH1, SH3, SH-1M, SH1-CH, SH3-DS, SH3-D, SH1-4, ARS, reinforced concrete bars, reinforced concrete slabs of the following types: PN 1-4 (180-190), PN 1-4 (200-220), clips ZBR 65, staples ZBR, bolt inserts with nuts, terminal bolts with nuts. In addition to these products, Kalikino Factory of Reinforced Concrete Ties also produces treated wooden ties and bars.

The products manufactured by JSCO BET can be subdivided into two categories:

  • Track materials

  • Reinforced concrete goods for general construction.

Reinforced concrete railway ties are reinforced concrete bars of variable cross-section, with holes for fastening bolts and platforms for installation of rails. The ties are manufactured pre-stressed, with preliminary tendon jacking.

Reinforced concrete bars are used for track switches. They have undeniable advantages before the products made of other materials. The service life of reinforced concrete bars is almost unlimited because reinforced concrete is not susceptible to biological decay. Such bars are mechanically endurable which makes it possible to use them at places with high railway traffic.