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Khabarovsk Factory of Reinforced Concrete Ties
Khabarovsk Factory of Reinforced Concrete Ties

The construction materials factory, a branch of the Far East Railroad, on whose base the Factory of Reinforced Concrete Ties was later established, was launched in 1959. It was intended for the production of reinforced concrete products of any shape and size, and also for the manufacture of metal structures and joinery products.

In March 2004, the factory launched a production line for tiers of SH3-D type. According to a decree of JSCO RZD, in April 2005 the production facilities of the Amur construction materials factory were handed over to the Far East Railroad, and Khabarovsk Factory of Reinforced Concrete Ties was established. It is a structural subdivision of the Directorate for the maintenance of tracks and engineering constructions of the Far East Railroad, a branch of JSCO RZD.

In May 2006, the second production line for SH-1 type ties was launched.

In the second half of 2009, reconstruction was undertaken and the third production line was launched. The productive capacity of the factory (with two-shift operation mode) is 750 thousand ties per year: 500 thousand SH3-D, and 250 thousand SH-1.

The factory produces pre-stressed reinforced concrete ties for 1520mm railway tracks, according to OST 32.152-2000. The production has compliance certificates and permits for the use of conformity mark issued by the Federal Railway Transport Certification Register. The ties are intended for all railway lines on the main tracks, station tracks and other tracks of the Russian Railroads (RZD), as well as for local railways of industrial facilities used for the transportation of standard rolling stock with loads and speeds permitted for the common railway networks of Russia.



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