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Company information

According to the Concept of restructuring the railway equipment maintenance facilities of JSCO RZD, an affiliate company was established on 23 April, BetElTrans Joint-Stock Company, which comprised 9 branches, reinforced concrete ties factories. Before that, those companies were parts of JSCO RZD.

The primary business of JSCO BET is manufacturing and trade in reinforced concrete ties of the following brands: SH1, SH3, SH3-DSHS-ARS, SH5-DF (Vossloh).

  • Sets of reinforced concrete bars for track switches;
  • Ballastless bridge pavement blocks;
  • Reinforced concrete products and ready-mixed concrete for general construction works;
  • Rail fastenings: bolt insert with nut, terminal bolt with nut, clamps and staples for concrete tanks.

JSCO BET is the primary supplier of reinforced concrete ties and reinforced concrete bars for JSCO RZD and its affiliates. All nine factories of JSCO BET manufacture reinforced concrete ties, and six factories manufacture reinforced concrete bars for railway track switches.