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Personnel policy and social policy

The Company’s personnel policy is aimed at the preservation, consolidation and development of the personnel potential, creation of a qualified, highly effective and close-knit team capable to react swiftly to changes, taking into account the development strategy of JSCO BET.

The primary tasks of the Company’s personnel policy are:

  • Planning the need in personnel, formation and timely correction of structure and cadres, management of personnel reserves;
  • Establishing and maintaining the personnel information system;
  • Providing for the efficient system of labor incentives and motivation;
  • Establishing the program of personnel development, career guidance and employee adaptation, individual advancement planning, formation of an efficient team of fellow-thinkers, professional training, career enhancement and staff retraining.

The Company’s employees receive social bonuses on the grounds of the Collective Agreement for the years 2010-2012.

Social guarantees, million rubles